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Tips For Surviving A Heatwave

Tips For Surviving A Heatwave

New Zealand is currently in the middle of a supposed heatwave and while for me this is just normal summer weather, which by the way I am loving. Everyone else in the country seems to be sweltering. As someone who spent nearly 7 years living in Australia, I like to think I know how to get through summer without overheating. So, here are some of my tips for staying cool and getting through a heatwave.


Drink, Drink, Drink......Water

The heat will zap all of the hydration from your body, so you need to make sure to replace that water, by drinking, well, water. Keep a bottle of water in the fridge, that way when you go to have a drink, its cold, so not only will it be hydrating, but it will cool you down at the same time.


Ice blocks

Frujus, zooper doopers or juicies are good options in the heat, again they will help you stay hyrated and cool you down at the same time. Try to stay away from Ice cream it will just make you feel full and sticky, if you want to go the ice cream route, try a sorbet instead.


Get into a body of water

Get yourself into a body of water, the beach, al lake, a pool and if you can’t get to one of those, just have a cold shower.


Stay in the shade

If your out and about, try and stay in the shade as much as possible. Not being in the direct sunlight will help you both stay cool, and not suburnt. But remember if you are going out to wear sunscreen and a hat.


Stay in the air con

If you have air conditioning in your house, just stay inside and crank it. If you don’t have air conditioning in your house, then head to the mall. Spend a few hours wandering around the shops or head to the movies.

Wear loose, light clothing

Stay cool by wearing loose, light clothing. Stay away from dark colours, and heavy fabrics. Try light cottons and linens in neutral colours, think maxi dresses, billowing skirts, and button up shirts.

Buy a fan

You’ll just need one, mainly to help you sleep. Put it on the highest setting, have it directed at you and leave it on all night. It’s the only way you’ll be comfortable. Then if you need it to cool your room down during the day just have it on oscillating so the air is circulated around the room.

Hope these tips help.


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