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Storage Solutions For A Small Room

Storage Solutions For A Small Room

I have quite a small room, made even smaller by the fact that I have a huge bed and a lot of stuff. This can make housing all my stuff quite difficult, so when it comes to storage, I've had to get a little creative. Here are some storage ideas for your small room. 

Use the wall

Your walls are great for storage. I hang a dressing gown on the back of my door so that it’s not taking up space in my wardrobe or my draws. Then on one of my walls, I have a hook for a hat. Hats are quite awkward to store, so hanging them on the wall, gets them out of the way, removes the need for a hat box and makes a cool wall feature.

Under the bed

If you have a bed frame that doesn’t have inbuilt under the bed storage then get some storage boxes that slide underneath. I have a bed frame that has draws underneath and while it does mean that the room is made slightly smaller from the look of the bed, practically with four big draws that use the entire space under my bed, it is the best thing ever. I have one draw that I cannot access as easily as the others so there are bits and bobs in there that I don’t need. Then I have old school and university work bits in one draw, current paperwork and things that don’t really have a home anywhere else in another and then my winter jumpers live in the final draw during the summer and then during the winter my summer clothes that I don’t need will live in there too.


Make full use of your wardrobe

I got to a point last year where I knew I wasn’t utilising all of the space in my wardrobe. I used to just have a shelf on the top, one rail, then all the floor space and it most of the floor was just wasted space. So I had my Dad build me a wardrobe insert made from MDF, it consists of one long shelving unit that goes from the floor to the top shelf, and then a smaller shelving unit for shoes. Then we cut the rails and fitted them on either side of the shelving unit. Because there is now a place for my shoes, and they are not spread across the floor, and the shelves make full use of the depth of my wardrobe and do not waste any floor space. We also made the top shelf of my wardrobe wider, so that the boxes I have up there fit better on the shelf. Your wardrobe is probably your main source of storage in any room, so make sure you use it well, it doesn’t have to be a shelving unit made from MDF, shelving units that can be inserted and taken out are also great options. Or just adding in a shoe organiser, or hanging organiser for clothes to be able to fit more items in your wardrobe also work well. 


Wall shelving is a godsend


If there is any wall space that can be used for shelving, use it. Shelves give homes to all the things you want out but have no space for on any other surfaces. I have knick knacks, my cameras, and the things I use every day like my cardholder and sunglasses all live on my shelves. They're not the prettiest of shelves, and I do wish they looked better, but they serve a purpose and are very useful to have. We have also been tossing up adding a small cabinet or bookshelf underneath my shelves for extra storage.

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