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Digital Tools For University That Are Actually Helpful

Digital Tools For University That Are Actually Helpful

It can be quite overwhelming going to university, and with all the tools available knowing what is actually helpful and will work can be a struggle. It’s all about figuring out what works for you and how you manage your workload, but these are the tools that have worked for me during my undergrad and that I will continue to use during my postgraduate studies.


One Note

Everyone likes taking notes in a different way, the best thing to do is find what way you like to take notes early. I worked out in my first year, the best way for me was to use OneNote from Microsoft. You can have different notebooks for each subject, and then download them as a pdf to print out when you need to use your notes to study. Most universities will also offer Microsoft office for free as well, so jump on that. 

Fun tip for Outlook: there is an audio recording option so you can record anything important or even the whole class to make sure you didn't miss anything.



Grammarly is an American program, so you do have to be careful with the spelling of some words, but I mainly use it to make sure that all my grammar is correct. It works by using a computer app, but you can also install it into your chrome so that it runs in Google Docs, Gmail, and Facebook.


Google Drive or Dropbox

Obviously laptops only have so much storage, usually, a hard drive or USB would be the best option to store documents on. But sometimes those fail, so using google drive or Dropbox to store and occasionally share documents is what has kept my documents safe over the past few years of uni.


Google Account

Google slides is the single greatest tool to use when doing a group project. When having to do a presentation, being able to use google slides was awesome, create one presentation and share it amongst group members so that everyone can do their part. Its the same with google docs. So make sure you have a google account when you start university.


Adobe Creative Cloud

If you do anything in the creative industries at some point you will probably have to use photoshop or After effects, most university computers will have these programs but if you want to be able to work on any work at home, then you will need the whatever program your using. Purchasing the Adobe Creative Cloud on a student account is the best deal you will get to be able to have all the Adobe products.


Any kind of calendar

Any kind of digital calendar will be absolutely essential whether its outlook calendar, google calendar or the apple one. Being able to keep track of your assignments and classes is critical to managing your time effectively to get everything done.



Because who can actually work with no background noise.

What are the digital tools that you use or used throughout during univeristy that are helpful?

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