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48 Hours At Sea: What You Can Do On A Ship For Two Days

48 Hours At Sea: What You Can Do On A Ship For Two Days

Spending 2 days at sea can be daunting. One cruise ship and 48 hours, here’s how I fared.

Being surrounded by a vastness of open sea can be surprisingly relaxing, and with a ship full of things to do, not once were we bored. 

Day one:

I tried to sleep in on this day, the previous day we had been in Paihia and had to get away quite early, still, I ended up waking up at what I thought was 9 am but in actual fact was 8 am because the clocks had changed on the ship.

So up I was, earlier than I wanted, I wasn’t feeling too well, but headed up for breakfast anyway, I just had a juice and some pastries. But by the time we finished brekkie, it was around 10 am as we just sat and chatted at the table.

Then we sat and lazed around for a few hours, before heading for some lunch. For this day, there was Chinese food at one of the stations so I had some fried dumplings and fried rice, as well as the most delicious cookies you will ever eat in your life.

After lunch, we headed to the Crows Nest bar for team trivia. Trivia lasts around 30 minutes. Then we headed back out into the sun to — try — get a tan. We bought some games with us, they do have some on board, but we like a specific game, that isn’t very popular, so we bought it with us.

By the time we played one round, it was time for music trivia in the Ocean Bar. Again, it lasted around 45 minutes or so. I then logged into the ships internet connection, just to check the news and whatnot.

By then it was 4 pm, my nana and my aunt went and played a round of Bingo, the prize was $24,000 USD, so it was a good one to play. And I went back to my room because it was a formal night, and bingo lasts around an hour, I went back to have my shower and get myself semi-organised for dinner, so my aunt could jump straight in the shower when she got back.

We had a dinner seating for 5:45 in the evening, and because it was a formal night, everyone had to get dressed up all fancy, which was quite fun. After dinner, we headed to the Ocean Bar to watch the band in there, before everyone else headed to the show — it was a singing and dancing show that night, and I headed off to unwind before bed.

Day Two:

Day two started in a very similar way to day one, waking up earlier than expected. The clocks had been set back another hour so that we were on Sydney time all day, so while I thought I woke up at 9:30 it was actually 8:30. So I got up, had some breakfast, chilled out for a little bit. Then we went to the Crows Nest to play a game for about an hour before travel trivia started. We played travel trivia, then another game before heading to lunch.

After lunch, mum, Lyn and Nana went to America’s test kitchen to watch a demonstration about chocolate. And I went for my walk, the deck that our cabins are on is an open deck, which means outside you can walk around the whole deck, they have it written that 4 laps of the deck is 1 mile, but I just used my Nike Run Club app and did my one hour which meant I walked 5.51km.

While I was doing my walk, the music trivia was also on, and my family went along to that as well. By the time I had finished up and showered it was 2:30. I then decided I would have a facial in the spa, as Holland does their cruise by sections, there were some people disembarking in Sydney, so there were a few last day sales going on including at the Spa. They had a deal for a Skin Specific Facial it was $99USD instead of $119USD. So I booked in, they had an appointment free at 3:30 so I took it and went and had a facial. As my skin is quite prone to breakouts I had a facial targeted at that, it was a Lavender treatment, and the ship uses Elemis products. I’m not completely sure what she used, but I know she cleansed my skin, used a few masks including a sheet mask, and gave me a head massage. It was a very pleasant experience and my skin felt less congested and was nice and glowy afterwards. By the time I left the spa it was around 4:40 and nearly time for our dinner seating.  

After dinner, we headed to the Ocean Bar to watch the band in there, before everyone else headed to the show — it was an illusionist that night, and I headed off to unwind before bed.

And that’s it, 48 hours straight at sea. And in actual fact, it probably ended up being a bit more than that as we left Paihia mid-afternoon, so it may have been more like 56 hours at sea. Up next what we did in Sydney.

Port 2: Sydney

Port 2: Sydney

Port 1: Paihia

Port 1: Paihia