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How I Deal With A Dry Scalp

How I Deal With A Dry Scalp

Most people have had or will experience dandruff or a dry scalp in their life. It's fine, it's totally normal, I have a really dry scalp and so to make sure that I don't spend all day scratching my head because it's itchy I use some products that help. 



When my scalp is particularly bad, I sometimes like to use a scalp scrub or mask to help loosen up any dry skin. I have two that I have been using, the Khiels Deep micro-exfoliating scalp treatment and the Philip Kingsley exfoliating scalp mask that I recently picked up from Net-a-porter. The only thing with these is that they are quite annoying to put on, you have to section your hair and put the product directly on the scalp, so it can be quite difficult. But they are quite effective products, that loosen up any dry skin before shampooing. 



When you have a dry scalp using the right shampoo is crucial. I have tried so many shampoos that are designed to help a dry scalp, and most of them don't really work. But I finally found 3 that work for my scalp that I like to rotate through. I find that if I use on shampoo when I run out, I can't just purchase that same one again, I have to use a different one otherwise my scalp just gets used to it and it stops working. 

I like the DeLorenzo Scalp Control Cleanser, the Philip Kingsley Itchy, Flaky Scalp shampoo which I have at the moment, but when I need it I will mix in the Kerastase Specifique Bain Anti-Pelliculaire shampoo which I find is really good as well. When my scalp is particularly dry I like to use the Philip Kingsley, because I find it really deals with the flakes and gets rid of them, but when my scalp isn't as dry and flaky using the DeLorenzo shampoo just helps keep my scalp in check and keeps it under control. 

When it comes to actually shampooing my hair, I actually shampoo twice, once to hopefully clean the hair, and once to clean the scalp. When I wash my hair the second time I do sort of leave the shampoo on my scalp for about a minute and really try and massage it in. 

Also, final tip if your have a dry scalp, try avoiding wearing black tops, cause if you scratch your head, all of the flakes will come falling out your hair and onto your shoulders, not the best look. 

Do you have a dry scalp? What are your favourite products for dealing with it?

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