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New Things On My Beauty Shelf

New Things On My Beauty Shelf

Well, things got a little spendy while I was away, though in my defence we were in Sydney, right by a Sephora and then in Wellington, right by David Jones, I just couldn't help myself.

I just couldn't help myself and had to pick up a few new things. I didn't actually buy that much in Sephora, I actually really wanted the Marc Jacobs dew drops but was told there was a worldwide sellout on them so that wasn't going to happen. But the other things I did pick up were mainly things that I wanted the full-size versions of after making my way through travel-sizes. 


The Ouai hair oil and finishing creme were I think the first things that went into my basket, I love the finishing creme, especially after I blow dry my hair. I wanted to try the original version of the oil as I have the travel rose oil, and so far I love it, I find my hair is so well nourished after using it, much more than after I used the rose one. 

The only other things I picked up from Sephora were some foot masks (best things after spending all day walking around) and some new makeup brushes. 

On the beauty side of things that was all, I picked up until we got to Wellington where I made quite a spendy purchase. I picked up a Foreo Luna Mini 2, which I absolutely adore and have a full blog post coming up on soon. 


Duty-free wise there weren't that many brands available on the ship, but I did pick up a few Clinique bits. I got the foaming cleanser which has so far been great, and works really well with the Foreo, and also the de-puffing eye gel, which I've also been enjoying but am aware that you don't see results for some time when it comes to eye cream. 


The final new product I have I picked up in the supermarket again to try out with my Foreo, as they reccommend you use a foaming cleanser which I didn't really have, so I picked up the Neutrogena Micellar gel to foam cleanser which has also been really nice to use with the Foreo, but I do feel like I get a better cleanse with the Clinique product. 

Have you added any new products to your stash recently?

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