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Port 8: Napier

Port 8: Napier

It hadn't been that long since we were last in Napier and we were back again. 

Napier is beautiful little town, it has a bit of an art deco theme to it, and it's amazing. The last time we were in Napier it was for their Art Deco weekend, where everyone dresses up, there are 1920's cars, dancing, singing, and loads of other festival-type activities on in the town. 

We arrived in Napier quite early in the morning, but as it only takes a few minutes to get into town — again a working port, so we are shuttled off the port and into the centre of town — so we weren't in any hurry to get going. We all wanted to do different things so split up in the morning to go do what we wanted. I wanted to go to the National Aquarium, which is located on Marine Parade just a few minutes down the road from where the information centre is. The shuttle from the ship stopped in town, and then also at the Aquarium, so no one had to walk down there.


The National Aquarium is quite cool, the main reason I wanted to go was to see their penguins. Every month the Aquarium keepers name a 'naughty' and 'good' penguin of the month, and when visiting it was so clear that each penguin has its own personality that the keepers all know. When we arrived first thing they were about to start a penguin feeding so we went along to that before exploring the rest of the Aquarium. 


Once the feeding was done, the keepers announced that one of the divers would be getting in the big tank to feed the little fish and do a little show. We had a little while to wait for that, so we explored some more of the Aquarium, including meeting Terry the Turtle, and going through the big tank. 


The diver show was actually really good, there was an Aquarium staffer outside the tank talking to us, and almost commentating what the diver was doing in the tank. It was really funny and enjoyable to watch. After that finished we explore the upstairs section of the Aquarium which has exhibits on climate change, and then some more exotic marine animals and fish which is quite cool. 

The National Aquarium is quite cool, and really enjoyable, but if your from Auckland and have been to Kelly Tarltons, then the Aquarium probably won't be amazing for you, I would say that Kelly Tarltons is just a little better, and also bigger, than the Aquarium.

After exploring the entire Aquarium, we decided to go into town, and have a wander around when it wasn't as busy (like it was last time), and try and find a cold drink, which we couldn't find because every cafe was ridiculously busy being a public holiday. 


But still it was nice to be in Napier when the Art Deco weekend wasn't on and it was a little bit more relaxed and chilled. 


Despite this not being our last port it will be my last post. After Napier we stopped in Tauranga before heading back to Auckland, there were a few changed in our itinerary due to a storm, so we didn't do that much in Tauranga anyway, and my grandparents live there and they actually got off the ship that day. But we did have an absolutely wonderful time and lovely holiday.  


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