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Port 7: Wellington

Port 7: Wellington

While Akaroa was probably my favourite stop, it was Wellington that I was most looking forward to before our trip. 


You see, my Mum had been promised to take me to Wellington when I was like 7 or 8 because I wanted to go to Te Papa to see the colossal squid, and well it never happened. But over 10 years later, we finally managed to get to Wellington, and I couldn't be more excited. 

While the colossal squid was my motivator to get to Te Papa, when I was 7, and while I did want to see it, we were heading to Te Papa to see Peter Jackson's The Scale Of Our War exhibition, which is the Gallipoli exhibition that Peter Jackson curated and created with Weta Workshop for the 100 year anniversary of Gallipoli. 


When we arrived in Wellington, the ship docks down by Westpac stadium, and as it is a working port, we are shuttled off the port and into town. Getting off the bus, we were right opposite the side entrance to David Jones, I have no idea what the street was, but that was but it was off Lambton Quay, we asked how to get to Te Papa and the volunteers at the bus stop, recommended we go via Queens Wharf and told us the directions of how to get there, so we followed those directions and it took us about 10 minutes or so, we strolled down there, and made a few stops to look at things along the way. We were actually in Wellington on New Years Day, so the streets were so quiet, because everyone was still sleeping from the previous night, it was actually really nice to be able to truly see the city. 

When we got to Te Papa, the first thing we did was head for the Gallipoli exhibition, we heard that there still could be a bit of a queue to get in, despite being there first thing when it was just opening. When we got there, there was a little queue, but we only waited a few minutes before being let through into the exhibit. 


The Scale of our War exhibit is one of the most spectacular museum exhibitions I have ever seen, it's just so powerful. It's quite difficult to explain, it's divided up into sections and each tells a different story from what happened during the war. It is definitely an exhibit that you have to see, you can't just be told about. 

We spent about an hour maybe just over an hour in the exhibit, and by the time we came out the queue was very long, so I would recommend getting there early, or paying the $15 fee and getting in before it opens to the public. We felt but the end of it that paying would have actually been worth it. 


Once we had finished up at The Scale of Our War, we went on a hunt to find the colossal squid, which I wanted to see, no idea why it is kinda gross. After that we left the museum, we knew that we didn't have a lot of time in the Capital city and decided that we would take our time and see what we really wanted to see, and then at some point come back to Wellington and do the whole museum and also the Dominion museum which has another Peter Jackson war exhibition. 

We made our way back to where the bus picks us up from, I wanted to pop into David Jones, it was New Years Day so there was obviously sales going on, and I wanted to have a nose around. It was actually the perfect day to go because while the store was busy it wasn't heaving with people which was nice. So we wandered around there, did some shopping and then hopped in the bus and went back to the ship. 

Port 8: Napier

Port 8: Napier

Port 6: Akaroa

Port 6: Akaroa