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Christmas Tree Brownies

Christmas Tree Brownies

These brownies were so fun and easy to make, and don't they just look so cute. 

These brownies are made using a Chelsea Winter recipe, it's her triple chocolate brownie, and I made them gluten free, just by substituting in gluten free flour.  

Then all I did was cut them into triangles to represent the Christmas trees and iced them with royal icing which I coloured green. Recipe for the royal icing down below.


For the Royal Icing


  • 225 grams of Icing sugar
  • 1 egg white
  • Cold water
  • Green food colouring


Using a mixer, mix together the icing sugar with the egg white, and add a teaspoon at a time of cold water if it feels too thick.

Then using a teaspoon or a piping bag and nozzle, drizzle the icing over the brownies in a zig zag motion. 

Then for the stalk of the tree, cut the top off a candy cane, and push it into the brownie. 

And there you have it, Christmas tree brownies. 

What have you been baking this holiday season?

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