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Chocolate Orange Christmas Cocktail

Chocolate Orange Christmas Cocktail

I've really been getting into cocktails recently. Creating them and drinking them.

I recreated Kate La Vie's Chocolate Orange Martinis, which are really easy to make, and super festive without being overbearing.

I would recommend these be more of an after-dinner cocktail as they are quite heavy due to the half and half. 


I found these glasses in Stevens and while they are not Martini glasses, they are very pretty. 

To fill these glasses I had to double the recipe.


50 mL Half and Half (I used Puhoi)

50 mL Cointreau

50 mL Chocolate liquor (I used Lewis Road Creamery)



Terry's Chocolate Orange

Popping candy


Melt the Terry's Chocolate Orange in the microwave and then spread evenly on to a baking sheet, sprinkle some popping candy on to the chocolate and then place in the fridge to set. 

Place ice, half and half, cointreau and chocolate liquor into a cocktail shaker, shake, and serve into a glass. Brake off a shard of the chocolate to garnish. 

Note* My mum reckoned that you could make it a little more alcohol to balance the flavour, she thought it was too milky. I thought it wasn't quite sweet enough the first time I made it, so maybe try drizzling some chocolate sauce through the glass before pouring in the cocktail, for a more chocolately taste. 

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